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You’re going online to get business insight and advice from WHOM?

By September 11, 2013July 15th, 2018Blog

Last week at a conference I saw a statistic that startled me.  As I think more about it, I’m moving from startled to alarmed and dismayed.  Here’s the stat:  Only 7% of online business content is created by people over 50.  Over half of online business content is created by those under 35.

wisdomWhile I am an over-50 baby boomer, I’m most certainly not one to dismiss the insights of younger folks.  There’s plenty of brilliance in that crowd that’s absolutely essential to soak up.  That said, let’s face facts.  Which age group has greater knowledge, power, experience and decision-making capability?  Which age group has had more time to screw up, learn from those mistakes and develop practical wisdom?

When you are facing a really ugly problem do you go to your kids for advice?  Ever seek out a mentor that’s less experienced than you are?

Shame on we baby boomers!

We’re doing ourselves, our organizations and our economy a grave disservice.  Let’s do the right thing, ladies and gentlemen.  Let’s get our wisdom captured and published, before…   Well, you know…