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Your social media paradigm is probably terribly wrong

By December 3, 2009July 15th, 2018Social Media

by Todd Youngblood

OK, OK, I know the whole paradigm-shifting thing is so 80s…  It’s just that the term “social media” is so bad, wrong-headed and misleading that it’s driving business-people away from a DYNAMITE set of sales tools.

DO NOT think of Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook and the like in the context of E-mail.

We give every e-mail at least a second or two of our attention.  Maybe it’s only enough time to punch the delete key, but those seconds add up!

My colleagues, Todd Schnick and Stone Payton have a fabulous way of framing this issue.  They say, “Think about dipping into Blogs, Twitter, etc. just like you think about taking a drink from a river.  When you’re thirsty, dip your dipper in and take a drink.  Let the other gazillion gallons flow on by without another thought.  You’re not trying to read every tweet from everyone you’re following on Twitter are you?”  (They’re both polite enough not to add, “you knucklehead” onto the end of that question.)

The value of these tools lies in how they feed the search engines.

You must blog and tweet because you must already be there when your customer needs your knowledge and uses Google to find it. No sane person will read every one of my blog posts.  Of anyone’s blog posts.  A motivated knowledge-seeker/buyer will, however, read my relevant blog posts, and exactly when they’ll appreciate my insights the most …but only if I’ve posted enough good stuff for Google to find in the first place.

If I didn’t post it, Google ain’t gonna’ find it when my customer searches for it.

Got it?

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