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If they won’t subscribe, your content probably stinks

By July 28, 2015July 15th, 2018Sales Process Media

Here’s a fact:  If the “Brand X” digital content and not your digital content is the source of the customer’s education and insight, YOU-ARE-TOAST.

Here’s another fact:  Customers execute at least half of their decision process before any sales rep from anywhere gets called.

Because of those two facts, it’s almost impossible anymore to find a sales leader who denies the value of great digital content.

OK, so we all agree that a robust Sales Process Media program is essential.

The next problem is getting prospects and customers to actually read/watch and most importantly, think about our content.

The number one, absolute best way to get decision makers and influencers to subscribe to your company’s blog is to ask them.

Imagine that! What a shocker, right? “But,” you say. “My customers DO NOT want more junk in their e-mail in-boxes.” Well of course they don’t. I don’t. You don’t. Nobody does. Nobody wants to subscribe to a blog with lousy, self-serving, salesy content.

But I, you and everybody DOES want insight. I, you and everybody DOES want education. Everybody DOES want to subscribe to a blog that consistently delivers thoughtful, useful, practical insight and education.

So if nobody wants to subscribe to your blog, your content stinks. If you’re in that boat, do two things:

  1. Gripe about it. Gripe loudly and often
  2. Do something about it. Find great content to put in your blog

You don’t need to create the content. You read and see stuff practically every day that has thoughtful, useful, practical insight and education. If it’s of interest to you, it’s probably of interest to LOTS of others in your industry. Share it with them!!!

For example, Dave Brock writes a great blog. Here’s his take on lousy e-mail marketing.

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