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Who Really Does The Prospecting?

By May 3, 2011July 15th, 2018E-Rep

In his book, The Truth About Leads, Dan McDade writes, “Close to 80 percent of buyers state that when they are in the market for a solution (such as software or services), they found the vendor, not the other way around.” Let’s run that through our brains one more time… 

80% of the time, the buyer seeks out and finds the seller.

So tell me again why you spend so much time beating your brains out with traditional prospecting methods?  By no means am I advocating dumping all those tried and true methods, but…  I am vehemently urging you to think about the visibility of your online, web-based, electronic presence; your e-Rep.  Is there any doubt you must be easy – really, really easy – to find?  Have you enabled Google to point that motivated customer in your direction?

And what’s the #1 best way to elevate your electronic visibility?  Blog.  PERIOD.  Every h-Rep needs an e-Rep.  I feel so strongly about it, that I now refuse to use the word “professional” to describe someone with a sales job who does not post to his or her blog at least once a week.  It simply is no longer an option.

Stop with the excuses and get busy.  Can’t think of anything to blog about?  Please…  Read this, this, this, this and the other gazillion blog topic tips out there.

Or maybe the 20% of leftovers is enough for you to make your numbers.

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