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What’s on top of YOUR todo list?

By April 21, 2015July 15th, 2018Leadership & Metrics

Had a very productive meeting yesterday with a relatively new client. It was their VP Sales, their VP Marketing and me. It’s always so energizing to work with folks who are clearly on the same page and committed to working in sync to achieve shared goals.

All three of us have the same personality “flaw!”

prioritiesWe want to get it ALL done NOW. The objectives are clearly defined. The strategy, tactics and TODO list are all laid out with due dates and who’s responsible. The path forward is crystal clear. So the problem?

The single most-used phrase during the meeting was, “I’ll handle that.”

Sound familiar? Ambitious, committed, excited team members all signing up to add stuff to already over-stuffed TODO lists.

It’s not news to anyone at a management level that the key to sorting out all those action items is the context of an over-arching strategy. That strategy must be written and updated formally at least quarterly and informally on an ongoing basis.

The best tool – by a wide margin – I have ever seen to do so is The President’s Model. The “Pres Mod” is a comprehensive, deceptively simple, outline for thinking about and organizing a strategy for a single sales territory through a multinational corporation and everything in between.

Click President’s Model to download your own complimentary copy and how-to guide.

Think. Plan. Prioritize. Act!

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