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Before we get to Sales Process Media Systems, a quick reflection on Customer Relationship Management Systems…

papermessOnce upon a time, the typical Sales Manager was unaware that a robust CRM System is an absolutely indispensable tool for sales professionals. Today, only the most stubbornly old-school holdouts try to keep track of prospects, accounts, contacts, opportunities, forecasts and the long, long list of action items, due dates and appointments with a notepad/scrap-paper/envelope-back/yellow-sticky/napkin-based “system.”

Thankfully, it is now common knowledge that CRM is the essential tool for sales territory and time management.

That brings us to the next battle; the next change that will be mightily resisted by sales reps, managers and executives. (Please make note here, that we sales types, we so-called “change agents,” are as resistant to changing our ways as the most obstinate customer out there!) That battle is the one over the crying need for Sales Process Media Systems.

I expect the battle to be long and hard. I expect to be repeatedly told that I’m wrong. I expect a few early adopters to hit grand slam home runs! Hopefully, I can convince you to at least begin thinking about their potential value.

Start with the need for Sales Process Media itself. Since no sales professional in the universe has time to get everything done, every sales professional needs a digital assistant to help deliver relevant knowledge to customers. That is:

  • A robust collection of core digital content:  Text, image, audio and video that articulates elevator pitches, value propositions, problem definitions, case studies, product overviews and all the other chunks of “standard” knowledge customers need to make the buy decision. (Think of it as digital replicas of everything a sales pro says on a recurring basis. Everything!)
  • The capability to quickly produce high quality customized digital content:  Text, image, audio and video that articulates the unique chunks of knowledge that a specific customer needs to address a specific problem or opportunity at a specific time. (Think of it as digital replicas of all the customer-unique bits of knowledge a sales pro delivers on an as needed basis.)

How would a sales professional keep track of, produce and appropriately deliver at the proper time to the proper place literally everything he or she delivers verbally both repeatedly and one-off? With a notepad/scrap-paper/envelope-back/yellow-sticky/napkin-based system??? I don’t think so.

Hold that thought… Next week, a few requirements for your Sales Process Media System.