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WD-40, The Fragrance

By April 6, 2010July 15th, 2018Creativity

OK, so it’s a hoax, but so amusing that I’m compelled to pass it along.  I’ve always said that with a pair of pliers, a roll of duct tape and can of WD-40, you fix almost anything.  But WD-40 aftershave???

The quotes in the “press release” are priceless.

  • “The global brand has launched the new product ‘to ensure its products are not only in every shed, garage and toolbox, but now in the bedroom.”
  • “The aftershave will reflect the typical WD-40 consumer; being tough, sensitive and relevant for a variety of occasions.”
  • “It will be available in the famous blue and yellow can, and, like our standard multi-purpose product, with the new smart straw option for those who require a more precise spray.”

I’ve just got to figure out how this info is relevant to continuous improvement of your sales process…

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