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TSR: The most effective set of sales calls you’ll make this year

By July 30, 2013July 15th, 2018Trade Show Radio

Success in selling is dependent on a whole host of factors.  Just listing them all can be a challenge.  There is one thing, however, that makes everybody’s top 10 list, and that’s making lots and lots of highly effective sales calls.  That’s why “TSR” needs to part on your TODO list.

Trade Show Radio (assuming you actually do it) will be the most effective set of sales calls you’ll make this year.

tsrA bold statement?  You bet.  It’s also one that rings true when you think it through.  Lean back and consider…

Why exhibit at a trade show? Clearly, it’s to establish many new relationships and nurture many existing relationships that lead to sales growth.  If the notion of exhibiting at a trade show freaks you out, get over it.  Still today, a trade show is THE BEST venue for face-to-face relationship-building.  PERIOD!

The bigger challenge is rising above “dressing the team in logo shirts, exhorting them to network their brains out and arming them with the coolest new glow-in-the-dark-keychain-memory-stick-flashlight-stress-ball.”  The secret sauce is providing a positive, memorable experience and communicating key information aimed at solving problems to qualified prospects and existing customers.

And how do you do that?  Two things:

  • Differentiate your booth
  • Think of, design and execute your trade show strategy NOT as an event, but as a process

Ever see a trade show booth with a full blown radio studio complete with headsets, microphones, flashing lights, sound boards, DJs, loudspeakers and everybody within a 100 feet wondering what the heck is going on over there?  Well that’s my point.  No, you haven’t.  That’s differentiating your booth.

Then orchestrate the Before, During and After experience.

Before the show:

  • Identify your top prospects and customers
  • Invite them to be guests on your live radio show at the upcoming event so they can reach and deliver their message to EVERY attendee in real time and also on-demand via an edited recording(I’ve gotta’ pause and make a note here…  You’re not asking for 30 minutes of their time at the show for what they know is sales pitch.  You’re providing value to them.  You’re providing a highly visible platform to reach and deliver their message to EVERY attendee!)
  • Arrange to meet each guest for quick briefing 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot

During the show:

  • Meet each guest at his or her own booth and escort them to “the studio” (Need I suggest some relationship-building on this walk to your booth?)
  • Take pictures and listen attentively as the guest is interviewed
  • Ask follow-up questions as you escort the guests back to their own booths (Need I point out that after this “celebrity” experience they just might be open to all kinds of ideas?)
  • Let them know when you’ll get back to them with the edited recording of their interview  (This is a sales call!  Get your action plan locked in!)

After the show:

  • Give ’em a few hints and tips on getting the most sales and marketing leverage from their recording
  • Continue the conversation about the new idea(s) you planted while at the show

We’ve seen sales teams orchestrate as many as 70 “TSR” interviews at a 3-day trade show and close business with 16+% of them within 90 days.

Need I say more?  More info on Trade Show Radio here, here and here.