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Total Cost of Ownership – A Powerful Selling Tool

By September 30, 2011July 15th, 2018Best Practices

It’s so easy to forget to use the right selling tools, and somehow the notion of Total Cost of Ownership is one that gets ignored on a regular basis.  AGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I got a reminder yesterday during an interview on Business-To-Technology Radio with Sheldon Michaels, President of Southern Office Machines.  He talked about “TCO” in terms of the “free” printer that often comes with the purchase of a PC.  Sure the printer is free, but the ink cartridge costs 80 bucks!  If you use one up every month, that comes to $4,800 over five years.  A $500 printer that uses $40 print cartridges has a TCO of only$2,900.  Free printer anyone?

How do you use TCO to sell your product or service?

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