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What if… What if your sales team had a document that outlined the Buyer’s Journey in great detail? A document that not only identified each step in said journey, but also the knowledge and insight the buyer needs to acquire at each of those steps? (Maybe even a multimedia document!)

Buyers-JourneyEven better, what if it were created for a “newbie” decision maker? Somebody unfamiliar with all kinds of aspects of making a decision about buying your products and services?

Do any of your potential customers really have a good grasp on all aspects of making a sound decision about buying your products and services?

The newbie decision maker (and, frankly, the seasoned decision maker) needs to know about:

  • Her industry
  • Her job
  • Her company and its goals, objectives and strategies
  • (Her own career goals!)
  • The application
  • The issues and opportunities related to the application and their implications
  • Who is affected positively and negatively before and after the decision
  • The technologies and techniques that can be applied to address the issues and opportunities (Both yours and the competition’s!)
  • The decision process
  • Influencers of the decision process
  • The decision criteria
  • Financial implications of the decision
  • Secondary and maybe tertiary consequences of the decision

Might that (multimedia) document be useful in accelerating your sales process? Might it be useful for “filling in some of the blanks” for your internal customer champion? Or addressing some nagging concerns of one or more of the influencers? Or clarifying the financial impact for the CFO? Or calming non-influencers spooked by potential impact on their jobs? Or providing a way for the “politicians” to take some credit without taking any risk or actually doing anything? Or shutting up the annoying dissenters?

Could a flesh and blood sales rep possibly address all of that “stuff” in a timely manner with all of those people?

I think not.

It’s a job for your Sales Process Media team. Have ’em embed all that knowledge and info in a digital format. Have ’em take that vicarious Buyer’s Journey.

Think about it…