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The Stupendous Worth Of A Compelling Value Proposition

By August 30, 2011July 15th, 2018Value Propositions

It’s an old habit.  When I read on airplanes and come across an intriguing passage or concept, I jot down notes on whatever scrap of paper I can find.  While cleaning out my briefcase last night, I came across these two gems.  (My apologies to the author – don’t recall the book or article these came from.)

  • “The Sunday New York Times contains more factual information in one edition than in all the written material available to a reader in the fifteenth century.”
  • “In 1900, a well educated person could still grasp the existing knowledge in almost every field of science and the arts (in fact, this was what a college education was supposed to provide).”

A Value Proposition cuts through!So what do those two factual tidbits tell you?

I can’t say I’ve ever read an entire edition of the New York Times, but I do read a lot more than that amount every month.  And as far as grasping all the existing knowledge in any single field – science, arts or otherwise – well… forget about it.  No living person can make that claim.

To me, those tidbits above reinforce the vital importance of a particular sales best practice:  Begin every conversation with a compelling value proposition.

Stupendous!  In the case of this blog post, I hope the word “stupendous” in the headline cuts through the flood of content coming at you today.  (Although it’s not a common term, everyone knows what it means, plus it’s fun to say!)

Generate an 8 to12% annual, incremental increase in effective sales capacity.  In the case of Sales Process Engineering, I hope the notion of methodical, relentless continuous improvement cuts through the flood of content.

It’s a kick-butt sales call every time.  In the case of a sales rep’s own business talk radio show, I hope the near-guarantee of call effectiveness cuts through the flood of content.

How am I doing on my value propositions?  How are you doing on yours?

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