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THE really important equations

By April 2, 2012July 15th, 2018Life

First, some math we can all understand:

  • (Much of) My Life = My Work
  • (Most of) My Work = Fun
  • Therefore, My Life = Mostly Fun

My Dreamland Radio business partner, Todd Schnick, recently wrote a post about the importance of having fun at work.  He’s so right.  (And truth be told, I’m a good bit better at doing so than he is.  Take that, TS!)

Carnitas de Marlin

Look at the picture to the right, and consider the following…  At Pyosa, my client of 2+ years in Monterrey, Mexico, it is traditional for a bunch of co-workers to celebrate a colleague’s birthday at a group lunch.  My main contact, the sales exec, had a birthday 4 days prior to my scheduled visit.  The guy postpones his celebration until the day I’m there, and then takes me and the gang to what he calls “The McDonalds of Mexico.”

And it actually does have some things in common with Mickey D’s.  Except that it’s a today-cool-decor place with professionally efficient, sit-down service and the food, traditionally prepared Mexican seafood, is downright A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

That’s me taking a bite of a Carnitas de Marlin.  “Delicioso taquito al grill de marlin abobado con queso gouda y pico de gallo.”  (The grip demonstrated with my left hand is technically and traditionally correct.  The right hand assist was flagged as “cheating by the Gringo loco.”  The red drink is hibiscus tea, better known as “Jamaica.”)


Those who know me know that I rarely miss a meal, or a chance to taste something different.  The next pic is one of me trying Horchata.  That would be what’s left after soaking a pile of rice in water for a few days, filtering out the rice, adding what tasted like 8 or 9 pounds of sugar and putting it in a glass.

Looks like milk, but not even close.  Went amazingly well with the (what I insisted was an imported-from-America) ice cream covered brownie and the Mosta con Mango o Fresa.  That would be heart-healthy mangoes surrounded by whipped cream, some other stuff and what looked and tasted like a molasses-infused, Pennsylvania Dutch shoo-fly pie crust.

Aghhhhhh…..  My job “obligates” me to go back to Mexico next month to work with these people; Jose, Emilo, Jaime, Hugo, Alfredo, Antonio, David, Ramses, Rodolfo, Daryl and Lupita.

Sigh…  I guess we all have to “work.”

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