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The Pope has an e-Rep. Do you?

By December 12, 2012July 15th, 2018E-Rep

There is no longer any doubt that every sales and marketing professional simply must have his or her own personal e-Rep.

At a bare minimum, that means you have a constantly evolving set of RSS feeds that you read daily to keep your knowledge up to date, an active blog with at least 2 posts per month where you share your best insights, and that daily use of LinkedIn and Twitter is part of your routine to establish and nurture business relationships.

Two more excuses that many of you use for not creating and maintaining your e-Rep are now extinct:

  1. I’m too old to learn this stuff.  His Holiness – @Pontifex – is 85.  He has over a million Twitter followers.
  2. My organization is too rigid in its ways and prevents me from having an e-Rep.  I challenge you to find an organization that is more tradition-bound and conservative than the Catholic Church.

Enough already!  Stop debating me – stop debating everybody – and begin the development of your digital self, your e-Rep.