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The “Ideal Customer” Profile

By January 18, 2013July 15th, 2018Process Thinking

Not having an Ideal Customer Profile is just plain nuts.  Can’t make my opinion any clearer than that.  So why oh why do sales teams and sales professionals still waste so much time chasing down leads and prospects that really don’t have much need of what’s being sold?  Maybe it’s as simple as not having a simple way to figure out just what an “ideal” customer looks like.

Not one who believes in re-inventing the wheel, I point you to the following list of questions, compiled by my friend Jonathan Farrington.  (I suggest you read his post on this subject.)

  • What size of organization would you prefer to deal with?
  • Typically, how many people will they employ?
  • What market sector(s) do these organizations operate within?
  • Who specifically will be buying your products/services and what are their job titles?
  • Where geographically would you like these organizations to be located?
  • What does your organization offer that is unique?
  • What types of organizations will be attracted by this uniqueness?
  • What do your best customers possess that you would like to replicate in others?
  • Which of your existing customers were the easiest and quickest to convert?
  • What similarities do these customers possess?
  • Are there any specific criteria that prospective organizations should have in place, so that your products/services can be optimized?

Your action items?

  • Pull up the list of your top 20 prospects
  • Ask and answer the above questions
  • Send me a note and let me know how many “prospects” you just eliminated