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The “Blog Brochure” – Someone Please Shoot It In The Head

By May 20, 2011July 15th, 2018Serve

If I have to be polite to one more so-called marketing professional, manager or executive who proudly shows me his or her blog that consists of post after post after post focused on product this or service that or feature X or internal announcement Y or some other such eloquent drivel that has inhabited printed brochures from time immemorial, my head will explode and cover said individual – along with the unfortunate and abused PC used to publish that infernal blog – with whatever it is that currently resides inside my skull.

(And yes, I’m certain the preceding is the longest sentence ever published by yours truly.)

I am not bashing brochures.  They have their place and an important function to fulfill.  I am not bashing the “billboard” section of any web site.  That section has its place and an important function to fulfill.

I am bashing – as violently as I possibly can – the use of a blog to spew the me-me-me-oriented content that belongs in a brochure or billboard web site section.

There are hundreds of thousands of business blogs out there.  The ones that get read are the ones that provide business information and/or knowledge and/or insight and/or perspective.  If anybody wants information about your products or services, they’ll go to your brochures – electronic or otherwise!  Anybody that goes to your blog only to find brochure-ware content, will never go there again looking for business savvy.  Never! Allow me to be less gentle…

If you publish brochure-ware in your blog, why not just take out a Super Bowl ad to at least declare with some style that you’re clueless.

Do yourself a favor.  Go back and read all your blog posts starting with the very first one.  Every time a post reads like a brochure, hit your thumb with a hammer.  When you’ve learned you lesson, you may stop.

Thank you for reading my rant.  (I’m right, aren’t I?)

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  • Rick Howe says:

    Exceptionally well done rant!

  • Rick Howe says:

    You are the “Rant-Meister”!

  • Mike Wise says:

    Todd. Kind of like going up to a breakfast table at an industry conference with a bunch of people you don’t know already at the table and handing out your brochure… not very effective. As opposed to sitting down, politely introducing yourself, shaking a few hands, and asking the table if they saw an industry article you recently read on a current topic relative to your line of business, making a comment (not selling), and asking a few stimulating questions of the table… essentially fostering an interesting dialog with some ‘strangers’ albeit industry colleagues, that edifies everyone and starts the day off well.

    Seems pretty intuitive. Works for me…

    I needed this today 🙂 Thx for the whole thing.

  • Great post, Todd! I have this discussion with people regularly, and I always offer the same advice: blogging is your opportunity to forge a bond and create a relationship with a prospect or client, and the only way to do that is to start a conversation.

    Thanks for calling out the brochure-bloggers!


  • Stepwhite88 says:

    Really, will just have a little preview or review on posts then???

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