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The Best Selling Tip Ever

By July 1, 2010July 15th, 2018Quick Thought

This sign has been on the bookshelf of every office I’ve ever had.  In those years before I earned a private office, it sat next to my telephone.  (A few of you out there will recognize its heritage…)

My first sales manager gave it to me along with a grunt and a bit of his classically pithy advice, “Read this regularly.”  Ah, the eloquence of the man!  It took a while for me to fully realize just how profound that snippet of wisdom actually was and is.


It’s simple.  It’s powerful.  Think before you make that call.  Think as you make that call.  Think after you make that call.  Think before you write that blog post.  Think as you write that blog post.  Think after you write that blog post.  Think before, during and after everything you do.

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  • Tibor Shanto says:


    I had to think a minute before I wrote this comment, but thanks for a great and simple reminder.


  • Todd Schnick says:

    Thinking about your post, I often sit in wonder about how many people don’t actually invest time to just think…

    Boggles the mind…

    • Todd – It does boggle the mind… Probably due to ego as in “I know that off the top of my head” or time pressure from a boss as it “I expect you to know that off the top of your head. – TY

  • Patrick McNiff says:

    “Think” was the theme used by NCR who wrote the fist sales manual and was first to sales train in their Sugar Camp sales training facility 1894. When Tom Watson, NCR VP of Sales was fired by NCR President/Founder, John Patterson he went on to create IBM and reused “Think” as IBM’s internal company employee publication.

    I think this is right.


  • I THINK you’re right. I have sold THINK Pads and some were used without THINKing. In sales and in life THINK and you don’t have to talk as much 😉

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