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The Art Farnswilerkerken / Josiah Carberry Connection

By January 25, 2013July 15th, 2018E-Rep

My business partner, Todd Schnick, recently published a blog post that mentioned the late, great Art Farnswilerkerken.  Being the stand-up guy that he is, Todd respected Mr. Farnswilerkerken’s famously stated wish to remain out of the spotlight – virtually anonymous.

That said, I knew Art Farnswilerkerken.  Art Farnswilerkerken was a friend of mine.

Art Farnswilerkerken

And just before his untimely demise in 2003, he asked that, “in a decade or so,” I begin to take the wraps off his vast and frankly brilliant research in the fields of sales and marketing.

Which brings me to Josiah S. Carberry, legendary professor of Psyco-Ceramics.  Throughout my college days, I set aside time to attend his open lectures which had been scheduled every Friday the 13th and February 29th since 1929.  Sadly, due to his intensive, world-wide travel schedule he was never able to get to one while I was a student – nor before – nor after.  (The demand for knowledge about Psyco-Ceramics, the study of cracked pots, being so great and all…)

But the lore surrounding Josiah Carberry continues to grow.  A great burst came in ’91 when he was awarded the first Ig Nobel Prize for Interdisciplinary Research.

So what does all this have to do with Art Farnswilerkerken and the improvement of sales and marketing practices?

In a word, plenty.  This blog, along with those of Dreamland Interactive and Intrepid Marketing, have been named exclusive agents for publishing the collected works of Art Farnswilerkerken, The Father of the e-Rep.  Stay tuned for more on the power of the Farnswilerkerken Principles which in part state:  Read whatever the heck you want to further educate yourself… You can listen to my rants or not….But by God, read something that stirs your pot and gets your creative juices flowing…