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The 3 Facets of E-Rep

By May 27, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep

One way to get your brain wrapped around the E-Rep concept is to consider its three main aspects.

  • Lurk & Learn
    • Objective: Continuously enhance personal skills, knowledge and understanding
    • Tools: RSS reader, Google Alerts, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, FaceBook
    • Actions: Read, read, read, watch, watch, watch, listen, listen, listen, absorb, absorb, absorb, think, think, think about it
  • Harvest, Share & Attract
    • Objective: Demonstrate personal & organizational expertise to gain attention of prospects and customers
    • Tools: Video Camera, Blogs, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, FaceBook
    • Actions:
      • Actively comment in others’ blogs and groups
      • Record personal knowledge (all of it!) in an electronic format (text, image, audio, video) then edit and publish (all of it!)
      • Continuously record knowledge of colleagues, subject matter experts, customers, etc., then edit and publish
  • Collaborate & Create
    • Objective: Generate new knowledge that when applied, can make and/or save money for customers
    • Tools: Blogs, wikis, groups, web conferences, good old face-to-face meetings
    • Actions:
      • Set project objectives
      • Identify collaborators
      • Define roles and responsibilities
      • Develop action plan and time-line
      • Execute!
      • Apply
      • Measure results

The three main facets, provide a solid conceptual foundation for creating and developing your E-Rep.  Over time as familiarity and comfort level increases, additional objectives, tools and actions will come into play.  For now, get busy!

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