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The 2nd Best Learning Tool There Is

Every sales rep, manager and executive must have, use, add to and delete from an RSS Reader.  It’s a truly outstanding means to feed your brain and ensure a habit of life-long learning.  In my view, it’s the 2nd best one out there.

Given their power and how long they’ve been around, I had assumed pretty much the entire sales universe was on-board.  That was until during a Sales Excellence Council meeting last week with the seven top performers of one of my clients.  The VP Sales asked the group how many knew what RSS is.  One hand went up.


An RSS reader enables one to automatically collect and organize articles, blog posts, videos, etc. that are specifically and individually tailored.  Personally, I use Google Reader, although there are many others.  It provides a constant stream of information and knowledge that is useful not only to me, but more importantly, to my clients.  If I read something that would be of interest to a specific person, I e-mail a link.  If it is of more general interest, I’ll Tweet and share it via LinkedIn.

What follows is my current list of feeds.  (Although it doesn’t include my news feeds, just the business related ones.)  It’s not the same as last month and won’t be the same next month.  Several have been on the list for a long time.  Others come and go.  I’m in total control of what gets staged up to be fed to my brain.  Are you?

Note:  What follows are links to blog sites.  Look for the RSS feed on each to subscribe.  Sorry, can’t help but suggest you click the icon at the left and subscribe to this one first…

By the way, in my opinion, podcasts are the #1 best learning tools.

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