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That Would Be Too Hard And I’m Already Too Busy

By June 12, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep, Learn!

To get into the proper mindset, re-read the title of this post in the most weepy, whiney tone you can imagine.  Got that annoying eeeesssssshhhhhh feeling?  Good.

Because that’s the feeling I invariably get from sales managers and reps when discussing E-Rep for the first time.  That’s “E” as in “Electronic.”  Every “H” or “Human” rep needs an electronic alter ego on duty 24 X 7 X 365 sharing valuable knowledge, insight and information on-demand.  We all need the help.  We all need to get a lot more efficient at delivering our message to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of business.

There’s an implication though.  The heart and soul of anybody’s E-Rep is a blog; a blog that gets updated multiple times per week.  Cue the whine-chorus …a blog that gets updated multiple times per week???


That’s what it takes.  Think about how over time, you’ll build up an electronic body of work – your work – your expertise – your value – that is on display and available to everyone with internet access.  It’ll be out there prospecting for you.  You’ll be able to follow up a sales call with an e-mail containing links to 2 or 3 or more of your posts that reinforce the points you discussed.  I could, and have, and will in future blog posts, go on and on and on about the power and value of an E-Rep.

But, for you it’s too hard and you’re already too busy…  Well, I’m neither the smartest nor hardest-working sales guy on the planet, but I’ve averaged 3.9 posts per week year to date.  Anthony Iannarino, whose blog I follow and with whom I recently met for dinner, has averaged 7 posts per week year-to-date.  And his posts run 1,000 words!

It’s not that friggin’ difficult, so do it!

Can’t think of anything to write about?  Cue the whine-chorus again.  Give – me – a – break.  You think of hundreds of things to talk about every day already.  Write some of it down!  Or get a video camera and talk to it.  (Video blog posts just might be more powerful anyway.)  Or do what Todd Schnick does; read a book every week.  Or do what I do and listen to business-oriented podcasts while you’re driving or working out.

So…  Are you with me?  Or are you with the whine-chorus?

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  • Todd Schnick says:

    I maintain that if someone would sit quietly for about 15 minutes and just, well, think…they would create a list 50-odd long of things to write about. Most people give in to lazy and don’t even want to invest the 15 minutes of thinking…

    No excuses.

  • Thanks for the shout out. It isn’t that difficult, if you have something to say. If you don’t have something to say, then it is far more difficult (and you really, really need to think).

    Most people have something to say but they are far too fearful of saying it!

    By the way, I do exactly as Schnick suggests. Exactly.

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