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Success without relationships?

By August 25, 2015July 15th, 2018Relationship Development

I’ve gotten quite a bit a feedback regarding my recent post The Secret To Success. The most common criticism has been that I ignored the “People Side.” Fair enough! A few thoughts on that note…

Building-RelationshipsPersonally, I have ZERO disagreement that the people side of success is critical. That said, I know and have worked with quite a few universally disliked – even hated – tyrants who consider themselves highly “successful.” Who am I to tell them they’re not?

I can and do feel sorry for them, because they’re missing out on what I consider the best part. But if they’re successful in their own minds, good for them!

Whether we agree with the “I’d rather be feared than loved” strategy or not, there’s an extremely long list of business and political leaders that took that route. Consider Steve Jobs, Harold Geneen, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin…

I believe that the definition of “success” is an extremely individual thing. Relationships may or may not be part of a given individual’s definition. For me, if a client doesn’t also become a friend over time, the engagement can never be completely successful – for me. The client who doesn’t care about the people side could well consider the exact same project a great success.

In the context of the model, and since relationships are important to me, I work hard at establishing and developing relationships, I study relationship-building strategies and tactics and as a result feel like I’m lucky enough to have a whole bunch of client/employee/colleague-friends.

Make sense?

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