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The notion of having a collection of digital tools (like a blog posts, podcasts and videos) that can teach a customer every fact needed to make purchase of your product an obvious necessity is compelling. Why would every sales team not want such an awesome support system?

Well, wanting all those tools isn’t the issue. Creating all those tools is!

That’s where the One Bite At A Time Theory comes into play. And it has value from two two very different perspectives.

eating-an-elephantThe first is the obvious one – get started! Take that first bite. Now there’s one fewer bite to go. Yes you want to eat the whole elephant, but also need to remember that each and every bite delivers nourishment.

In Sales Process Media terms, think of writing a single blog post that directly addresses the #1 objection faced by the sales team. Then identify the #2 objection and create a video that addresses that. Then identify the #3 objection…

That’s “bites” of value for the sales team that makes them love the marketing folks.

The second perspective has value for the team developing all the tools. Laying out the over-arching strategy for all the tools needed and how each complements the other is not only fascinating and important, it’s a huge task. One that takes a looooong time. Serving field sales by picking off one objection at a time enables a balance between the tactical and the strategic. (Not to mention the fact that it makes sales actually appreciate marketing!) The short term value gets everyone on board regarding the long-term big picture.

Now step back for a minute and think…

You really needed a blog post to make the above points??? I doubt it. But if that’s the case, why is your effort for creating and deploying Sales Process Media dragging out?

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