“I was amazed at the amount of information that you were able to cover in a short period of time. You keyed in on specific issues, with concise examples, that made the idea jump to the mind. I was also impressed with the style in which you presented the program…easy and friendly …you made people WANT to embrace the program.”

Mike Joyce
Fluid Power Distributors Association

Whether it’s a networking event, sales meeting, annual conference, awards dinner or other gathering, you’ll need a speaker that delivers real, useable content in a style that fits the occasion.

A few of the available topics…

  • Sell More Faster With Sales Process Engineering – A hard-hitting, concise, easy-to-grasp overview of a technique that can drive an 8-12% annual growth in sales performance.
  • The Methodical Sales Process – It’s one thing to talk about how important persistence is for a sales rep. It’s quite another to actually be persistent. This talk challenges your reps to “walk the walk” and provides a roadmap for doing so.
  • Customer Advisory Councils -A well run “CAC” can easily be your most effective sales tool. This talk covers all you need to implement one.

…and a sample that addresses one of my favorite topics: