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Spanish SPE – El Delfín y la Vaca

By March 9, 2010July 15th, 2018Sales Process Engineering

Later today, I’ll be flying to Monterrey Mexico to kick off a Sales Excellence Council.  The YPS Group has done work in Canada and Bermuda over the years, but this is the first foray south of the border and I’m quite excited about it.

Only real difficulty is that my Spanish is …ummm… pretty much non-existent.  Despite my good intentions, I didn’t do any studying.  Ah, well.  Good thing the client is ahead of me.  They’ve generously translated my first book.  Take a look!

El Delfín y la Vaca
Cómo Vender Más y Más Rápido con Ingeniería del Proceso de Ventas

…or if you’re an “Ugly American” like me, there’s still the English version.

The Dolphin And The Cow

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