YPS is dedicated to increasing your sales performance and productivity!

“We built our company by continuously improving our service delivery process. YPS showed us how to apply the same kind of ‘creative discipline’ to our sales process.”

Jack Nale; President; The Proven Method

Making it easy for customers to do business with you is complex. Like it or not, the behind-the-scenes effort required of your sales reps will continue to grow at at an increasing rate.

You know that your competitors are relentlessly and continuously improving their sales efficiency… Consider how the YPS Sales Growth Methodology can give you an edge and keep you ahead.

YPS Sales Growth Methodology

Our focus is three-dimensional. The first dimension addresses the key processes of Sales Process Engineering, Sales Management Development, Customer Focus Enhancement and Business Planning. The second examines enablers that increase the efficiency of those processes and includes Exploiting Technology and effectively and continuously Communicating your objectives and strategies. The third dimension applies both the key processes and enablers across the four business constituencies of Employees, Suppliers, Partners and Customers.


Key Processes

  • Sales Process Engineering – is implemented by a Sales Excellence Council and addresses the need for speed, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Sales Management Development – enables sales leaders to effectively implement best practices and generate a steady stream of improvement.
  • Customer Focus Enhancement – continuously increases the customer’s perception of your credibility and total value.
  • Business Planning – ensure efficiency in executing the sales process and best practices.


  • Technology Tools – add leverage to all of your sales efforts
  • Sales Process Media – Digital versions of your sales professionals that educate target markets and build relationships; on-demand & 24 X 7 X 365


  • Employees, Suppliers, Partners & Customers
  • The first three groups collaborate to deliver value to the fourth