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By November 3, 2015July 15th, 2018Best Practices

I guess I touched a nerve last week with my semi-rant about getting out of the “comfort zone.” LOTS of feedback. Mostly from frustrated sales managers. Leaders who’ve become sick and tired of trying to drag their reps out of tired old habits that used to be best practices.

Emphasis on used to be best practices.

rantSo I figured I’d continue on that theme. And I do NOT want to hear any malarkey about “I’m too old to learn how to X.” If you’re too old to learn about anything, retire. NOW. Get the hell out of the way!

(Side note:  I’m 62, so I’m allowed to speak harshly about the “too old” thing.)

I remember an amazing innovation from the New Jersey DOT working with Ma Bell just north of Exit 127 on the Garden State Parkway circa 1977. They put in a bank of like 40 or 50 pay phones that you could reach from your car! Talk about productivity! (Seriously. It really was a huge time saver and amazingly convenient.) Would you seriously think about using that innovation today?

daytimerI also remember calling Carol the receptionist several times a day when I was on the road. She was great! She’d answer my office phone, write down who called, a return phone number and other info on a slip of paper and put it in her “phone message file” right there at the front desk. She could then simply retrieve the slips of paper, read them all back to me and I could re-write all of it. …while I was cradling the pay phone between my ear and shoulder, holding my DayTimer in one hand & writing with the other.

Seriously? You’d trade your cell phone and voice mail for that?

libraryResearchI remember discovering the “business reference” section in my local library. Wow! Company names, descriptions, addresses, lists of executives… A treasure trove of insight. Almost all it updated no more than 5 or 6 or 9 years ago. Leads galore!!! Would you really go to a library today instead of just using LinkedIn and Google?

I remember learning how to use that DayTimer I mentioned earlier. A HUGE time saver. MUCH better organization of meetings, action items, directions, names, titles, phone numbers, boss & secretary names, sales opportunities and a whole host of other information that I may or not have had on a 3 X 5 index card in one my index card boxes.

indexcard(I did provide a rant alert above, so get ready again…) You are being just plain stupid if you do not use a CRM – and only a CRM – to manage Account, Contact, Opportunity, TODO and Calendar information.

DO NOT try to argue with me about this. DO NOT try to argue with anybody whose IQ is above single digits for that matter. It’s stupid. Period.

No disrespect, DayTimer, but you belong in the museum with those reach-from-the-car pay phones.



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