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Seems pretty obvious to me…

By April 18, 2012July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Picture this…  A sales assistant who:

  • Is on-call 24 X 7 X 365
  • Flawlessly delivers each of your sales messages every time
    • To anyone
    • Anywhere
    • Any time
    • On demand
    • As many times as requested
  • Relentlessly “pulls” prospects into your sphere of influence
  • Nurtures relationships with all of your contacts
  • Works for free

Too good to be true? 

No.  Actually, it’s too obvious to ignore.  Consider the following definition:

e-Rep:   An e-Rep is a digital extension of the B2B sales professional; an “electronic alter-ego.” It is developed by continuously harvesting the knowledge, experience and insight of an individual, embedding that intelligence in an electronic format (text and/or image and/or audio and/or video) and distributing and promoting it via a wide variety of electronic media like web sites, blogs, e-newsletters, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Why on earth would you not have your own e-Rep?  No matter how techno-phobic you are, you already have virtually all the skills required.  There’s a bit of start-up effort to get the thing launched, but after that it saves you time every day.

Simply put an e-Rep helps you sell more faster.

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