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Sales – What An Awesome Career!

By June 23, 2010July 15th, 2018Learn!

I’ll never forget my grandfather’s reaction just after I graduated from college when I told him I had gotten a job with IBM.  He was thrilled!  Thrilled and impressed that I had be able to land such a fabulous entry level job.  Then he asked, “Doing what?”  My answer literally devastated him.  “Sales?  You mean you couldn’t get a real job?”

Boy do I wish he was still around to hear about the incredibly interesting things I still get to do.  I’m 35 years into my sales career and I get to experience the new and unexpected all the time.  Like today, for example…

I was “forced” to make my 4th trip to Monterrey, Mexico to facilitate an all-day Sales Excellence Council meeting.  Back at the start of the project, I casually mentioned how I like variety, so I’m experiencing yet another of the best hotels in the city, had a chile relleno (nothing like the whatever that passes for such in the US) and cactus for lunch, started the meeting 20 minutes early (when does that EVER happen in the US?), laughed out loud repeatedly and got a ton of really quality work done.  So far, a bit out of the ordinary, but nothing worthy of its own blog post.

Have you ever…

…been invited to compete in a domino tournament?  In the company cafeteria after hours?  To go head-to-head with an operator from the plant, the CEO, an HR clerk, the CFO, 3 sales reps, a plant manager from another location, a security guard, the Director of Sales and 22 other people who enthusiastically greet you, welcome you and tell you about themselves, but since it’s all in Spanish and basically coming at you simultaneously you don’t really remember very much?  Who treat you like a celebrity?  Who continuously ask if you need another beer or bowl of peanuts?  Who enthusiastically cheer because you make it to the second round?  Where there’s a break in the action for dinner?  Part of which is cooked on a flaming charcoal grill sitting on a table in the middle of the freaking room?

How cool is that?  Pity the poor soul who can’t get a sales job.  Pity the poor soul who doesn’t constantly get such terrific material for stories to tell (and get paid for it!!!)  Three cheers for sales, the greatest career in the universe!

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