If you had all of the personal and professional knowledge, experience and insight of your entire sales team embedded in digital format (image, text, audio, video) and available for on-demand distribution 24 X 7 X 365, you would have an awesome competitive advantage. No customer or prospect question would ever go unanswered. The reach of your message would be limited only by the reach of the internet itself.

Sales Process Media is the digital assistant every Sales Rep needs!

  • Sales Process Media works every hour of every day of every week all year long
  • Any and all customers and prospects can access your value propositions and knowledge (via your Sales Process Media) on-demand; at their own convenience; right now!
  • Customers love the time they save by learning & working with your Sales Process Media to absorb what they need to know – They’ll flat out stop doing business with their human-sales-rep-only suppliers!
  • Your customer “champion” can and will use your Sales Process Media to quickly, easily and accurately deliver your message to other colleagues in their buyer network
  • With SPM, the quality and power of your messaging is constantly growing and improving, and because it’s digital, it never has a bad day

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Implementing Sales Process Media

The relentless drive to do more with less will force more and more selling tasks into an electronic form. Get out in front of this inevitable trend. YPS can help. We know how to work with you and your team to figure out how to use blogs, web sites, e-mail, social media, text, images, audio, video, etc., etc., etc. to sell more and sell faster.

Sales Process Media is also an outstanding means to communicate and educate within your own organization!

What is Sales Process Media?

Every Sales Rep Needs a Digital Assistant, an e-Rep, Sales Process Media!

YPS can help create a robust collection of Sales Process Media that sells more faster!

  • Process Consulting & Implementation
  • Content Extraction (Audio Podcast Services)
    • Executive Profile Interviews
    • Roundtable/Panel Discussions
    • Trade Show Radio
    • “Semi-Scripted” Case Studies
  • Technical Services
    • Recording Studio Services
    • Audio Engineering
    • Audio/Video Editing