A Sales Leader’s job is to continuously improve the performance of the sales department. It’s that simple (…and that complex!). How is it done effectively?

The foundation of Sales Management Development is Sales Process Engineering, which is in turn supported by Sales Process Media.

Here are the key facts about Sales Process Engineering:

  • Sales Process Engineering is a sales management methodology that rapidly propagates best practices and identifies then removes inhibitors to sales growth.
  • A well-executed Sales Process Engineering effort can generate an incremental, annual 8-12% increase in effective sales capacity.
  • A YPS-facilitated Sales Excellence Council can make it happen.

Alternatively, SPE can be implemented via 1-on-1 coaching with the sales leader who in turn leads the Sales Excellence Council.

Download a Sample Sales Excellence Council Proposal

Executive Summary

A fundamental objective of your company is to leverage existing resources to profitably grow sales. This objective can be achieved with a Sales Process Engineering (SPE) initiative executed by a Sales Excellence Council. SPE, when properly implemented, can consistently produce an 8 to 12% annual, incremental increase in effective sales capacity.

The effectiveness of The YPS Group’s SPE methodology implemented by a Sales Excellence Council (SEC) is based on three core principles:

  • Continuous improvement of the sales process is a fundamental necessity
  • Objective metrics are required to determine the amount and rate of improvement
  • A well defined sales process is a pre-requisite for determining meaningful sales metrics.

The SEC’s fundamental tasks are therefore to:

  • Identify the sales best practices that are most closely correlated to producing results and organize them into a logical, repeatable process that is thoroughly documented in a “Sales Knowledge Mine”
  • Define appropriate metrics and map them and the sales process into a “CRM” system to enable tracking of performance and improvement trends across the entire sales force
  • Lead the implementation of the sales process, metrics and tracking system
  • Develop and deliver (or coordinate delivery of) training and education regarding all of the above

It is the responsibility of The YPS Group to facilitate the activities of the SEC and ensure its efficient and effective operation. The SEC’s responsibility is to methodically and relentlessly drive continuous improvement of the your company sales process.

Given the expertise required to effectively execute an SEC, it should be staffed by a total of three to five of the best your company sales personnel and at least one executive manager. To ensure the group’s productivity, the SEC will also follow a proven methodology and be facilitated by a seasoned professional thoroughly familiar with that methodology and its supporting tools.

The first phase of an SEC consists of a two-day kickoff session followed by six two to four hour meetings/web conferences, each followed by a series of ongoing assignments and follow-ups. If required, one or more training seminars can be conducted to supplement SEC activity. Typically this initiation/implementation phase is completed within a four to six month period and is followed by ongoing execution and continuous improvement.

As noted above, investment in a Sales Excellence Council can yield a sales performance increase exceeding 8% within the first year as well as an ongoing 8-12% incremental, annual improvement. Benchmarks will be established during the initial phase, and the long term success of the SEC will be judged against this standard.

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

Sir Winston Churchill; May 13, 1940