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Record Your Internal Meetings!!!

By March 10, 2011July 15th, 2018E-Rep

Have you ever said something during an internal company meeting and when you’re done think that maybe you actually said something worthwhile?  Maybe even pretty darned good?  Maybe something that can be packaged and used to help everybody sell better-cheaper-faster?

It happens all the time!

You say things.  Your colleagues say things.  90% or more of it is ho-hum, fluffy BS, but some of it is invariably quite good.  Exactly the sort of stuff you all need for the elevator pitch, the blog post, the e-mail, the…

Following is an example of the value that can be derived from recording internal meetings.  This one was extremely informal.  Just two of us at a coffee shop.  (I got stuck with the check…)  Just hangin’ out, takin’ a break, gettin’ some lunch.  My partner, Todd Schnick, asks me what I’d say to a prospect to explain exactly what we do to provide selling power and value with our Dreamland Interactive services.

Of course, I busted his chops for interrupting me while I was on a roll!  It was fun.  It was a moment when our conversation led to an “ah-ha” moment.  It generated content that is now part of our sales and marketing arsenal.

Record your internal meetings!!!

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