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Real Expertise or Network Strength? (…another perspective)

By April 21, 2013July 15th, 2018E-Rep

monroeMarilyn Monroe.  A famous name.  One that virtually everyone recognizes, right?  Do you think of expertise in consumer product marketing when you think of Marilyn Monroe?  I’m guessing probably not.

And yet, Marilyn Monroe is arguably the best perfume sales person in history.

And how did that come about?  Well, a reporter – looking for some titillation for his readers – once asked her the question “What do you wear at night?”  She replied, “A few drops of Chanel #5.”  The rest is history.

Let’s be clear here about expertise, or lack thereof in this case.  For all her many talents Marilyn Monroe knew nothing, or at best next to nothing about consumer product marketing, or selling perfume or Chanel itself for that matter.  She was awesomely expert at selling her movies.

Her network of followers was the only reason she was able to sell a zillion gallons of scented water.

So yes, B2B sales pro, continue to advance your expertise.  You must!  But never, ever lose sight of the fact that your network, and more importantly, your e-Rep based, digital, social network is every bit as vital