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Radio – A Whole New Ball Game

By January 20, 2011July 15th, 2018Radio

It’s happened to me again…  A whole chunk of my knowledge about sales and marketing just got blown up; has become utterly obsolete.  I’m specifically talking about radio.

For years, I “knew” that radio had very little if any potential in the world of B2B sales and marketing.  Sure it’s great for B2C, but that’s about it.  It’s an old, tired technology.  KA-BOOM! A whole new light bulb has turned on for me.  You’ll probably catch on faster than I did, but it’s quite clear to me now that RADIO! – in the context of the internet and social media – can solve the prospecting problem.

Yeah, you read that correctly, solve the prospecting problem.  The bane of us all!  Not to oversimplify, but the strategy basically boils down to replacing the cold call with a request (or should I say offer???) to appear as an expert guest on a radio show.  (Think about it…  It might take a few minutes for that thought to sink in.)

And it’s even more than the critically important job of establishing a relationship and credibility with an executive.  It’s also about creating a treasure-trove of really strong content for your web site, blog and e-mail campaigns; for the customer’s web site, blog and e-mail campaigns; for the radio station’s web site, blog and e-mail campaigns; for your business partners’ web sites, blogs and e-mail campaigns.  Talk about an SEO bump!  Might even get a show (or 2 or 3…) to go viral.

Click below to listen to an example.

CSIA Executive Director Bob Lowe 1/18/11

Consider the relationships getting established and strengthened throughout the conversation.  Consider that it’s posted not only here, but also on the Dreamland site and the CSIA site.  Consider the fact that the content is of interest to all current CSIA members, prospective CSIA members, CSIA Partner Members and customers of CSIA members.

Let the whole RADIO! concept roll around inside your brain for a while.  Then reach out to Dreamland Interactive.  Yep, I put my money where my mouth is and formed a new company with two partners to get out in front of this growing and way cool phenomenon.

Email here to book a future guest on Dreamland Radio.

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