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No, it is NOT possible to read too much

By June 8, 2015July 15th, 2018Creativity, Leadership

The education that really helps advance a career or personal goal is “self-inflicted.” It is NOT some curriculum figured out by some alleged “expert” or academic type. (I regularly disparage all self-anointed “experts” and remain wary of academics, although I’ve met many with their feet on the ground who are worth of high respect.)

read-and-thinkThat said, educating yourself about great sales management (and anything else) is a solo pursuit. It means being a voracious reader. Blogs for sure. White papers. Articles. And books! Good old books that that take a deep dive into an issue.

Not only specifically business books, but all kinds of stuff. Stuff that makes you think. Great business ideas can come from the strangest places.

Here’s what’s in my queue:  (You’ll note several “non-business” topics)

And here’s the list of a thinking biz guy from whom I steal ideas on a regular basis:

Eight summer reading recommendations for B2B sales & marketing professionals

So get reading and make yourself more intelligent!

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