Whether it’s an overall organizational strategy, a functional  strategy for sales, marketing or customer support, or your own individual business strategy, outside facilitation adds levels of objectivity and perspective not otherwise possible. Don’t get trapped inside your own bubble!

The YPS Group uses a methodology based on The President’s Model  to ensure development of a comprehensive, robust strategic plan. It considers:

  • Environment – These are factors that have an impact on the customer, but over which the customer has no control. Government regulation and general economic conditions are examples.
  • Corporate Culture – Is the environment paternal or one driven solely by hard results? Does top management make all the decisions or do they delegate?
  • SWOTs – What are their Strengths? Weaknesses? What Opportunities are open to them? What Threats do they face?
  • Strategy – Given the factors described by the above, what are their strategies for each major functional area? (i.e., The strategy for Sales, Finance, HR, etc.)
  • Organization – Given the strategies, how have they organized to implement them?
  • Metrics – What hard measurements are used to determine if the strategies are successful in achieving the desired results?

Click here to download a detailed outline.