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Perspective on a career in sales management

By January 27, 2016July 15th, 2018Continuous Improvement, Creativity

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century by Sean Patrick is quick, must-read for all sales leaders. It’s not about Tesla himself. He was a heck of an interesting guy, but it’s the career advice that hit me right between the eyes.

The Intelligence/Work/Luck triad is something I’ve written about myself. (See The Secret To Success. Ya’ gotta’ be smart. Ya’ gotta’ work your your tail off for years and years. Ya’ gotta’ get lucky.) Patrick just does it better and in more detail.

And he adds in the elements of imagination and curiosity. “The more materiel you’re exposed to in the world, the more grist you have for your imagination mill.” If nothing else, read the few pages that comprise the very last section called “The Secret to Creativity.”

Outstanding career perspective! Even for crusty old bugger like me. And it’s free.

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