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It’s OK. Seriously!

By June 4, 2015July 15th, 2018Best Practices

The River Brenta in Bassano, Itlay

This will be the 100th time you’ve been reminded of this… But, trust me, you need to hear it again.

Take some time off!

And take your time off seriously. Get out of town. Don’t work! Forget about business! OK, go ahead and check your e-mail and voice messages now and again, but absolutely no more than 15-20 minutes worth a day. The world will not end and the cash flow won’t stop just because the amazing you is out of pocket for a week or two.

You don’t need me to explain all this. It’s just a friendly reminder.

Merano, Itlay

Merano, Itlay

And you don’t care about my time off either, but I’ll say this much… Ten days pedaling a bicycle through the Alps in northern Italy was pretty darn cool! Vista after vista like ones shown here. Lots of solo think time, lots of conversation with my bike group about all sorts of things, some seriously strenuous workouts, some easy 4-5 mile downhill stretches, and enough food & drink to¬† (ahem…) add 6 pounds.

It’s OK to smell a few roses now and then. You earned it and need it!


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