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Nurturing a Business Relationship

By December 9, 2011July 15th, 2018Radio

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

We all know that nurturing business relationships is vital to sales.  Everything gets a little easier when there’s a good relationship.  Mistakes get forgiven faster – even ignored – when there’s a good relationship.  All of your ideas – at a minimum – get a serious hearing when there’s a good relationship.

So here’s some evidence that a business talk radio show is an awesome tool for nurturing business relationships.

Take a look at the decision-making executive in the first photo.  (Cindy MacPherson, a partner with The Interior Partners, an extremely successful interior design firm primarily serving the construction industry out of Atlanta.)

  1. Is she out of her normal element?  Yes.  This is a seasoned exec in the interior design business after all, wearing the clunky headphones, with a microphone in her face surrounded by a bunch of high tech equipment & sound absorption panels and enduring decorations chosen by two style-challenged radio guys.
  2. Is she having a positive, fun experience?  Obviously, yes.

And that’s the key.  A positive, fun experience translates into a memorable, positive experience.

Cindy will retain that memorable, positive vibe regarding her marketing services provider.  That would be Carol Flammer of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum.  (With me in the second photo, and my client.)  There we sit; elbow to elbow; as a host/co-host team;  intently focused on serving her client.  (Or in my case, the client’s client.)

And that’s the key for my business.

My partner and I are not a pair of vendor guys in this scenario.  We’re our client’s partners.  We’re actively helping Carol deepen a business relationship with her client; our client’s client. Think that helps us solidify our business relationship with Carol???

Think about it…

NOTE:  Out of deference to my readers, a photo of my Dreamland Radio partner, Todd Schnick, who has the classic face-made-for-radio, has not been included in this post.

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