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Nothing to do with business, but then again…

By June 30, 2015July 15th, 2018Planning

Nothing to with business or everything to do with business?

On Saturday, I reached a goal I’ve talked and thought about for years – rode a bicycle for 100 miles. (100.64 actually, but who wants to split hairs?) Talked and thought about it for years, but the sign-up was on a whim, and only 11 days prior to the ride.

If only I could package up that “whim” and offer it for sale!

Cartersvillville_Century_2015It was the essential catalyst for finally making a commitment and getting it done. (That, plus I told 6 people who would mock me mercilessly if I backed out.) So what was the process for producing the whim? For reaching a goal that (for me anyway) felt like something just a bit out of realistic reach? Not totally certain, but a few of the essentials follow. They really do apply to achieving any ambitious goal, I think – business or personal:

  1. Dream BIG and hang onto the dream
  2. Have a deadly serious “Put up or shut up” conversation with yourself
  3. Decide (…and I mean decide! Not, “I’m going to try this,” but, “I’m going to do this.”
  4. Tell 6 people who will mock you mercilessly if you back out
  5. Find somebody else willing to do #s 1-4 with you

It might just be that simple. Or maybe those are just five of the essential ingredients. Your thoughts? Anything to add?

Just two more thoughts from me…

Thanks to Brent, my far more physically fit friend, who:

  • Made me feel really, really old those last 7 miles. (I couldn’t have done it without you!)
  • Pulled the awesome award shown above out of the back seat of the car at the end of the ride


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