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“New School” Version of an “Old School” Tactic

oldschoolYet again, Isaac Newton’s “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” came to mind as read Matt Heinz’ post about business cards. (See link below.) This time the lesson reinforced for me is that many – if not most – business practices never really become obsolete. Sure they need to be updated, adapted and tuned to take advantage of new technologies, but the fundamentals remain in place.

Methodical, relentless, continuous improvement of everything we chose to do is not optional.

Exchanging business cards is for sure an old school practice, but with a few tweaks, becomes decidedly new. Read the original post, then come back for a quick summary

How to convert business cards into an active network & pipeline

Next time you swap business cards:

  • Ask for permission to add a subscription to your blog (or your company’s blog) for the new contact
  • Send a LinkedIn connection invitation within 48 hours
  • E-mail the new contact with a link to or attachment of “someting I thought you find interesting”
  • Add the new contact to your CRM (via a smartphone-based card scanner)
  • Add the new contact to the appropriate “Contract Nurturing Track” (…you do have several “Contract Nurturing Tracks” tracks defined and automated, right? At least a “touch” every week/month/quarter/year, right?)

Update all your old school practices! (…or dump them!)

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