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Milestones – so what?

By March 27, 2013July 15th, 2018Process Thinking

Some things just plain make you think.  I was on my way to the Dreamland Radio Studio, stopped at a red light, glanced down at my dashboard and saw this:


My first reaction was, “How cool is that?”  Since my car is running great, I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the fact that it’s getting up there.  The fact that I happened to notice the odometer at such an opportune moment seemed to have significance, like some kind of omen.  “Grab the camera,” I thought, “this’ll make for a great blog post.”

Then I arrived.  Sat down to write “it” all out.  And nothing came to mind…  Nothing…  What the heck is the significance of 111,111 miles?  Most of them are business miles.  A good number of them took me to the beach, or to visit friends and family or to the Georgia Dome to watch the Falcons, or to other cool places.  But how does any of that relate to you, the readers of this blog looking for a sales tip or two?

Then it hit me.  It’s all about the miles.  It’s all about making the effort to get somewhere, to do something, to achieve some goal.  To make that truly awesome sales call.  Sometimes, getting there, wherever there may be, is a disappointment.  In fact it’s quite rare when getting there significantly exceeds expectations.

But the process of “getting there” is virtually always a positive experience.  It’s the anticipation of great things.

So here’s my conclusion.  111,111 IS a big deal.  It’s a milestone that proves I’m still trying.  Still expending effort.  Still thinking – knowing – I can make another big score.  That’s pretty cool.  That makes me feel good about myself.

And it shows that Robert Louis Stevenson was right when he said. “…to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.”


(PS:  Please don’t squeal to the IRS on me.  I told them all the miles were business miles.)


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  • Linda Fuller says:

    You are so right that staying in the game and being present is what life is all about. When we are engaged, things happen. Day to day stuff is the means to the end, and hopefully the end is a long way off in the future, When we are alive and striving towards our goals, the journey can be oh so exciting. It’s up to us to make the journey fun and enjoyable. Life 101: Take responsibility for your destiny. Thanks for a fun, motivating post!