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mass-of-peopleLife Magazine, The Bell Telephone Hour, The Evening News with Walter Cronkite… Examples of text, radio and video specifically designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Long ago, organizations interested in selling their wares recognized the value of connecting their logos to this content to grab the attention of as many eyes and ears as possible.

It’s not news that over time, the breadth of the target audience for all types of media and the advertising that pays for it has grown steadily narrower. The market for $400 crank arms for bicycles, for example, is really, really narrow, but you can find information on which ones are right for you by reading Cyclecross Magazine! So what’s the point of all this for a sales leader?

The entire history of media has placed its use for business firmly in the hands of marketing people, and that’s no longer appropriate.

I’m not suggesting that we kick Marketing pros out of the media world. Not at all. Media is more important than ever for Marketing. The point is, technology has enabled Sales to exploit the power of media.

Most Sales Mangers fail to grasp the power and influence media can have on closing specific opportunities.

Think about this… It’s a big opportunity and their are 10 people on the customer decision team. The sales rep knows 5 of them well and sort of has a relationship with 2 more. 2 more are strangers and the last one, a really important influencer, is simply unreachable. That is, half the decision team is not all that interested – maybe not at all interested – in evaluating the proposal.

What if? What if your rep recorded a short video reviewing the value of the proposal and recruited the 5 influencers who are on board to get the other 5 to watch it? It’s not a face-to-face call, but it will get the message across.

execAnd think about this… Your ace sales rep just nailed a sales call with the decision maker for a major opportunity. She drove home the 3 key aspects of the value of her proposal. The decision maker loved it! Two days later, the decision maker couldn’t remember why he was so enthused. The e-mail the rep sent summarizing the discussion just didn’t seem to resonate.

What if? What if an hour after that sales call, the decision maker had gotten not only the e-mail, but also a short audio recording of the rep reiterating the 3 key value elements and why each by itself is an exciting proposition? Text and audio, reinforcing the memory of the enthusiasm.

Media no longer addresses only a mass audience. Media no longer addresses only a niche audience. Media addresses an audience as small as 10, or 5 or 1.

So, Sales Manger… As you read and hear about “social media” with all its [unintended] bias to the marketing mindset, remember that media – Sales Process Media – is a Sales tool.

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