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What does this mean to me? (…to us?)

By May 9, 2016July 15th, 2018Customer Service

Sitting here, a tad frantic about leaving in 7 days for a (IMHO, probably-misguided, but self-declared-well-deserved) 2 week vacation, I finally ordered a few replacement handles for my office window shades.


handle8 million loose ends to tie up, and I’m investing time to order these 2-inch wide pieces of cheap, outrageously overpriced $4.99 each pieces of plastic. I checked. They’re 187th on my TODO list, but it’s almost 8:00 PM and I guess my brain is tired.

But I digress…

There IS an actual point relevant to we alleged sales leaders:

  • I placed the order at 7:08 PM Eastern
  • I got an order acknowledgment at 7:09 PM Eastern
  • I got a confirmation of said order at 7:10 PM Eastern
  • I got a shipment notification at 7:13 PM Eastern

I’m serious!

I’ll send you copies of all the e-mails if you want. Less than 5 minutes from order to shipment! OK, prompt & proper delivery are yet to be seen, but in this case if they’re here June 2 when I get back home, it would be awesome.

Are you even close to ready to provide that kind of responsiveness?

You know, I’d like to provide a profound, seasoned-consultant-ish bit of wisdom here, but I won’t. Just wanted to pass on two thoughts:

  1. Focus on what’s important, and avoid the pleasant-but-useless distraction of accomplishing and crossing-off easy, simple, brainless stuff from your TODO list
  2. Get prepared to be uber-responsive!

Or die.

Think about it…

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