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MASSIVE “Establish Business Relationship” cycle-time reduction

By March 12, 2012July 15th, 2018Radio

Every sales pro knows that establishing a solid, credible, cordial business relationship with the decision-maker is fundamentally essential for success.  Every sales pro also knows that doing so takes time – precious, fleeting, oh-so-valuable time.

Most business processes, being at their core pretty scientific, can be studied, dissected, and redesigned so that the cycle time for their execution can be dramatically reduced.  I’ve always firmly believed that this was true for all but one business process.  The exception being establishing a business relationship with an executive-level decision-maker.

Thankfully, I’m wrong.  Dead wrong. 

A business talk radio show can reduce the cycle time to less than an hour.  Invest an additional 50.39 seconds to listen to three audio-clips-worth of executive business relationships getting established.  The first clip is with a VP of Business Development for a major Control Systems Integrator.  (VPs of Business Development, by the way are my primary targets.)  My co-host and I met this gentleman face-to-face for the very first time roughly 25 minutes before the recording.

Insult? …or business relationship getting established?

Note a few extremely significant facts:

  • The radio show guest – my prospect; the guy I want to buy from me – less than 30 minutes after shaking my hand for the very first time – is comfortable enough with me to take a cheap shot
  • He, me and my co-host have a hearty laugh at my expense
  • After the laugh, he and we immediately get back to discussing a serious business issue (…one that has high odds of leading to sale for us.)

The next clip is with the Chief Information Officer of major textile manufacturer.  The Proven Method, our client, is sponsoring a radio show to connect with CIOs, their target decision-makers.  My co-host and I had met this gentleman-and potential-customer’s-customer less than 10 minutes prior to the following recording.  (Note:  His name is Peter Appleyard.  We humans, due to our genetic/linguistic wiring, struggle mightily with pronouncing “er” when the next syllable happens to include the letters “p” and “l.”  I had to re-record the intro 3 times until I could spit out “Peter” vs. “Petel.”)

Ooops or relationship-builder?

After our guest had the chance to chide me during the episode’s commercial break as you just heard; and after my intrepid partner had the opportunity to “scold” me for my mispronunciation, he did this….

Schnick goofs too

Yeah, it’s the little things.  Little, interpersonal interactions that bring the decision-making-holder-of-the-deal-making-power into our close-the-deal world.  You just listened to Todd & I do it twice.  We got the opportunity to establish a strong business bond with both of these executives for two reasons.

  • We invited them to be guests on our own business talk radio show
  • The business talk radio show experience we gave them inevitably created a fun, memorable moment amidst the serious business at hand

What’s your lame excuse for not using this powerful selling tactic?

To get a more holistic (yet not quite the whole thing) feel of the business talk radio show selling strategy, listen to both of the complete, ready for prime time interviews here and here.