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I offer as Exhibit A, the above photograph.  Five middle aged (OK, so maybe two of us are a tad past that…) guys during a break from an all day internal strategy session.  There was hot debate, disagreement, arm waving and table-pounding both before and after the photo-op.

But take another look at the picture.

Looks like a group having a good time, doesn’t it?  That’s because it was a group having a good time!  A group still having a good time!  Yes, of course we take our business seriously.  Like you, we have customers to satisfy, bills to pay and dreams to fulfill.  That is, however, no reason to sacrifice the basic human need to have a job that’s fun; something to look forward to most days; something that’s deeply fulfilling.

While I won’t necessarily advocate pursuing the lunacy of starting up a media company and a bunch of radio shows, I will most aggressively advocate pursuing a job and career that consistently bring joy, excitement and fulfillment into your life. It’s the only way to achieve success IMHO.

And as a closing thought…

If you have a story to tell; an experience to share; a business-related rant to rant, send us a Guest Profile.  We can probably slot you into one of our shows.