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Little Things Can Make A Huge Difference (Ask Beethoven)

By April 21, 2010July 15th, 2018Best Practices, Differentiation

We all know it’s true.  Little things really can make a huge difference.  But we all cut corners – all the time.  We’re busy.  We have challenging goals.  We’re tempted to let the little thing slide.

Next time you find yourself starting that slide, listen to the following audio clip.  It’s only 44 seconds, and will provide the slap upside the head you need.

Beethoven’s 5th – C Minor vs. C Major

Of course you recognize this simple rendition of Beethoven’s 5th.  The first section is played in the key of C Minor as the master wrote it.  The second section – only a really, really tiny change – is played in the key of C Major.  From in-your-face, powerful to Casper Milketoast wimpy.

Review your plan for that call one more time.  Find a better image for that PowerPoint presentation.  Use your thesaurus to find a more compelling word.  Proofread that e-mail again.  Rehearse that speech for 4th time.  Check your voice-mail box NOW.  And return the call NOW.  Always be 10 minutes early for meetings.  Send that hand-written thank you note. (What else should we add to this list?)

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