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Should I laugh or cry? (…or get back to work!)

By March 17, 2016July 15th, 2018Think About It

CryingTowelHeard a pretty great presentation the other day about GRIT by Andy Miller of Big Swift Kick. It was also a bit of a wake-up call.

Part of Andy’s schtick was a GRIT assessment. (That would be Growth – Resilience – Instinct – Tenacity.) And Mr. Process & Metrics here, obviously loved that.

Until, of course, I saw that my score of 318 put me smack in the middle of the bell curve.

Average? Me? Seriously?  No way!!!!! The test is flawed. The data set is invalid. I was distracted when I was filling out the assessment…

Ooooops. Am I whining and making excuses? Ummm, yeah. It was funny, I glanced around the room and noticed everyone else sort of hiding their scores from the others. (Just like I was.)

Then Andy tired to softened the blow. I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially he told us to realize that our data had not be mixed in with that of the masses. Our data was strictly restricted to the proven successful executive and entrepreneur group. True or not, it got us all opened up and talking about the results.

I, for example, need to focus most on the “I” for Instinct. The phrase from my write-up, “there are times you may waste effort and energy on the wrong pursuits” hit me right between the eyes. E-X-A-C-T-L-Y correct.

So back to the question I posed in this post’s title. Should I laugh, cry or get back to work? Yes!

I’ll laugh every time I look at the crying towel Andy gave me. I’ll cry when I look at my average “I” (Instinct) and “T” (Tenacity) scores. Then I’ll take heart at my above average “G” (Growth) and “R” (Resilience) numbers, refocus on my priorities and get back to work!

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