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Knowledge is power. Knowledge FLOW is money.

By February 7, 2014July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

Francis Bacon formalized the notion that “Knowledge is power” early in the 17th century.  He was right then and his insight most certainly still applies today.  …just not to nearly as great an extent.  Today, any knucklehead can immediately access virtually limitless knowledge.

Knowledge ain’t as powerful as it used to be.

flowSo if access to knowledge itself doesn’t cut it any more, what does?  In the 21st century, it’s Knowledge Flow.  It’s managing the movement of knowledge from where it is to where it can be effectively applied.  Knowledge Flow is power.  Stated more pragmatically, Knowledge Flow is money.  Intelligently managing the flow of knowledge is the stuff of success.  Not that it’s easy!

There are five fundamental components of managing knowledge flow:

  1. Identify bits of knowledge and how each currently flows – There are massively many of these, so focus on the ones most relevant to you and your industry.  Sorting and prioritizing – curating, if you will – is critical.

  2. Learn at least something about the most important bits and current flows.  Knowing where and how they can be applied is critical thing #2.

  3. Distribute – Get the right knowledge to flow to places it hasn’t been to before.  Beware of flooding people with interesting but non-useful knowledge.  The implication here is that you have a deep understanding about the goals, objectives and requirements of the potential recipients.  (Sound familiar sales pro?  Know your customer!)

  4. Augment – Add some value to the knowledge & flows.  Sure, being a great knowledge conduit it’s valuable, but you can do better than that!  Add-to, re-frame, re-configure.  That’s the essence of creating new knowledge

  5. Accelerate – Making knowledge available to anyone is not the only thing the internet has enabled.  It has also accelerated the pace of everything.  Get through steps 1 through 4 in less time than the competition.

Become the resource who gets the right know-how to the right place at the right time.