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Just so you know… (Beware the hidden sell cycle)

By April 14, 2014July 15th, 2018Uncategorized

dreamlandmediaThe YPS Group has just expanded its long-time partnership with Dreamland Media and the Dreamland Radio Network. As part of our closer collaboration, we’ll be providing more insight to you – a lot more insight – into the strategic and tactical of use media to advance sales efforts and shorten sell cycles.

Why expand the focus on media?

Pretty simple really.  It’s the “hidden sell cycle.”  Depends on whose data you believe, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of what used to be the total sales effort is now completed without any involvement of a sales professional.  I surely hope this is not new news to anyone.  It’s the internet.  Buyers can easily, and at their own pace and convenience, learn darn near everything they need to know about product and service to make an intelligent decision.

But can they learn about your “secret sauce?”  Your differentiation?  What sets you apart from all the others?

Hardly.  That’s where the new sales pro comes in.  But let’s be honest.  Wouldn’t a buyer who can learn 70-80% of what’s needed to make an intelligent decision via digital media prefer to learn the other 20-30% via digital media?  Duh…

How many of today’s sales pros are savvy enough with digital media to communicate even that “easy” 70-80% to prospects?  Are you ready to apply your skills and deliver your secret sauce to close deals using digital audio, video and images?  Are ya’?

Frankly, pretty much zero of us are ready.  Thus the expanded partnership with Dreamland.  So, keep the above logo in mind.  You’ll be seeing more of it as part of your subscription to this newsletter.  It’ll help you take all of your Sales Processing Engineering investments to the next level.  Plus it’ll be a heck of a fun ride.