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It’s OK If Your E-Rep’s Aim Is Off A Bit

By July 30, 2010July 15th, 2018E-Rep

WARNING: If you hold one of more of the following opinions, reading this post will be a waste of your time:

  • I can’t keep up with all my e-mail as it is, so I am NOT going to set up an RSS Reader that will only flood me with more stuff I don’t have time to read
  • Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media tools are not useful B2B sales tools
  • I’d start a blog, but I can’t think of anything to write about

Since you’re still reading, that means you have at least an intuitive grasp of the power of your very own personal e-Rep.  Here’s yet another perspective.  Think about the effort you pour into crafting compelling value propositions along with the context for their presentation.  Think in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

What if you miss the mark with one?

If you depend on only your human self (i.e., your h-Rep) and you’re off a bit delivering the message to a “Top 5” account, all the preparation effort is wasted.  You took your shot and missed.  Not only not effective, but also terribly inefficient.

But what if your e-Rep came into play?  What if you embedded the intellectual capital you created for that presentation to the “Top 5” account in a text blog post and/or video and/or podcast?  Your e-Rep could then carry it off into cyber-space where a “Key Account” or plain old normal “Account” or “Prospect” could take a look at it and find that it’s right on the money.  There might even be some “Unknown Suspect” that gets hit right between the eyes.  In fact, since an e-Rep never forgets, that “Top 5” account might circle back 2 or 3 or 10 months later and find that new circumstances make your message compellingly relevant.

An e-Rep takes your finely crafted message and consistently delivers it well to whomever cares to hear it.  It does so 24 X 7 X 365.  It continues to relentlessly do so forever.  You can encourage all your contacts to visit with your e-Rep at their convenience.  And you know what?  They will.

Go build your e-Rep.

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  • Paul Castain says:

    You know Todd, I don’t see it as optional for us as sales professionals since more and more prospects begin their search online.

    There’s another factor hard at work here as well. Decision makers don’t want any bad internal press these days. They don’t need a bad decision putting them on the list for the next cut from the team. Embracing an “E Rep” prior to the “H Rep” (and even during the sales cycle) gives them another opportunity to get to know you and your company.

    And before I step down from my soapbox, too many companies are allowing this to become a one vs the other discussion (actually discussion was kind, its more like a lecture from management)Why would we limit our options by choosing when they can all play quite nicely together.

    Paul Castain

    • Paul,

      As usual, I agree with your insight. How can e-Rep be debatable??? Our respective soapboxes aside, it’s still an open debate.

      Wait, did I say soapboxes aside? Let’s pull ’em back out and keep on preachin’!


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